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Invisalign is ideal for orthodontics in adults. Invisalign utilizes the latest techniques to give you precise, fast and unnoticeable orthodontic treatment. Already in the beginning you will know how your smile will look in the end.


Invisalign can be used to treat a variety of orthodontic concerns, including teeth which are crooked, crowded or with gaps. The treatment is always planned holistically to get orthodontically and visually great results. 


The Invisalign system uses a series of aligners which fit over your upper and lower teeth, gently moving them into position. Each set of aligners is made from clear material making this method of orthodontic treatment virtually invisible. Because each of us have a unique set of teeth, much like we have unique fingerprints, every patient has aligners that are made just for them. 


Invisalign aligners are discrete, but they can also be removed for important occasions, such as family weddings or client facing meetings - this is one of the real benefits of Invisalign treatment. They are also removed when eating, brushing or flossing your teeth, so it’s easier to maintain good dental hygiene. Most of the orthodontic treatments I start are done using the Invisalign method.


Invisalign is suitable for most orthodontic needs. The treatment aims for a good bite and both jaws are always treated. The treatment usually takes 12-24 months. You will visit the clinic every 6-8 weeks. During the control visits the team will ensure the treatment is going on plan.

We can also use Virtual Care program to replace some of your control visits to the clinic. This means you will not need to worry about your treatment while travelling, or during disruptions due to Covid-19. We can work in flexible ways for your new smile.

Invisalign transparencies are manufactured using a 3D iTero oral camera. The technique allows the outcome of the treatment plan and the duration of treatment to be assessed very accurately before starting orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign aligners are manufactured using a 3D iTero oral camera to achieve a more precise treatment plan and schedule.

Speed up your treatment with the Orthopulse Device

OrthoPulse can shorten the treatment time by up to 20-30%. It can also ease the pain and enhance the aligner fit.

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