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Invisalign treatment

We have updated our methods, so you will always have a full team taking care of your treatment. This will make it easier and more flexible to get appointments. 


We can also use virtual methods to replace some of your control visits to the clinic. This means you will not need to worry about your treatment while travelling, or during disruptions due to Covid-19. We can work in flexible ways for your new smile. 

Read more about remote assessments

In situations where it is difficult to get to the reception, we can still provide the best possible treatment through remote assessment. This can be done with a few pictures taken with a mobile phone or through the Virtual Care lip holder and app. It also allows you to monitor the progress of your treatment. The free app is logged in using Virtual Care and a unique QR code on the shortcuts. The app is made for both android and Apple phones. 

If you can't or don't want to use the app, you can take pictures directly from your phone by following these instructions (add a picture guide) and email them to reception. 

Whether you use the app or your email to send images, we can remotely better evaluate the progress of the correction

Often, with a remote assessment, you only need to visit the reception about every four months. 

Oikoja näyttää potilaalle oikomissuunnitelmaa

Before starting

Before starting the treatment both jaws are x-rayed. This is to ensure Invisalign is the best method for you. You will get a tentative treatment plan and estimation of the costs.


Digital copy of teeth

During the first treatment visit your teeth are 3D scanned and photographed. We will make a thorough treatment plan, which you will receive on email within 2-3 weeks for your assessment. 

Learn more about I-Tero scanning

We use i-Tero 3D scanning to achieve a more precise treatment plan. After you have approved the plan, you will get a series of clear aligners which are designed to you personally to fit perfectly on your teeth.   


If you prefer, these two first appointments can be combined for a quicker start. Please book a 40 minute time on the phone for this. 


During the treatment

During the first visit you will learn how to use the aligners, and the orthodontist ensures the first pair fits perfectly on your teeth. You can ask any remaining questions about the treatment process. If your treatment plan includes using SmartForce attachments, they will be glued to your teeth during the first treatment visit. The attachments are small, tooth coloured handles which give the aligners a better grip to gently move the teeth. After the treatment they will be removed completely. You get the first series of aligners and written instructions with you.

During the treatment, you change to a new set of aligners every week or two, until the desired result has been reached. In some cases this can be as quick as 6 months. The speed at which the teeth move to their new position is very personal. It’s usually quickest in younger individuals. 

You will visit the clinic every 6-8 weeks. During the control visits the team will ensure the treatment is going on plan. Sometimes a tight gap between teeth can be filed slightly to ensure the teeth have enough space to move.

You may feel some pain during the treatment. This is a very personal thing and it usually happens during the first weeks or the days after changing to a new set of aligners. Generally Invisalign is considered to be less painful than the traditional orthodontic methods.

Sometimes people around the age of 40 and older may have a single tooth that just doesn’t move. However, even such teeth can usually be rotated straight, although the movement of the tooth may be slower than usual.  

You can live your life as normal during the treatment. You can even leave out the aligners for important occasions for up to 12 hours at the time. Invisalign allows you to live your life freely.

Invisalign Aligners

The Invisalign system uses a series of aligners which fit over your upper and lower teeth, gently moving them into position. Each set of aligners is made from clear material making this method of orthodontic treatment virtually invisible. Because each of us have a unique set of teeth, much like we have unique fingerprints, every patient has aligners that are made just for them. 


You can get the aligners from the clinic when you visit, or if you replace some visits with virtual appointments, they can be mailed to you.

The aligners are worn as much as possible - 22 hours a day. They can be removed for eating or cleaning, so the treatment doesn’t complicate oral hygiene or limit what you can eat.  

After the treatment most patients will use retainers to ensure the teeth stay in their new positions. These are only worn while sleeping.

You can read more about Invisalign on the patient leaflet (pdf) or at

Are you ready to get started?

BOOK AN APPOINTMENT AT ORAL, "Assesment of the need for orthodontics, membranes (Invisalign)." YOU HAVE A FEW DIFFERENT OPTIONS FOR THE FIRST TIME:

General dentist

A 15-minute narrower assessment by a general dentist -  this service is free of charge. The visit will assess whether the Invisalign correction method is suitable for you and make a plan of necessary actions.

30 min time for an orthodontist

You can book for 30 minutes with an orthodontist. In this case, a thorough assessment of the need for orthodontic treatment is performed. The assessment made by an orthodontist is broader and always subject to a fee.

40 minutes for Roy

If you book for 40 minutes, you can usually take a 3D scan on the same visit (no extra charge). If the assessment shows that the orthodontic treatment is right for you, a 3D image will be used to make an assessment of how the orthodontics is progressing. In that case, call Oral customer service separately to get correct appointment. 

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