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The estimated treatment times and costs are based on patients who are 15-20 years old. All estimates are indicative.

Orthodontic treatment costs are the same using Invisalign and fixed braces. In some cases Invisalign can be faster.



Treatment plan


Aligner fit and attachments (Start of treatment)

4000€ (incl. aligners and other materialis)

Total treatment price teenagers (treatment estimate 1-2 yrs)


Total treatment price adults (treatment estimate 1.5-2 yrs)


The cost estimate is fixed, the treatment is paid in 3-5 installments. There will be no change in costs during treatment unless there is a significant change in treatment. Clinic fee 21,90€

Method of payment 1

With Oral financing in monthly installments, you get up to 12 months of interest-free payment. The starting fee for the treatment is 155,50€ + 4000€.

Method of payment 2

You pay for your treatment in four installments. The first payment is 155,50€ + 4000€ and thereafter payments approximately every 6-9 months.

The treatment accumulates S-Bonuses, so you can get up to 5% discount on your treatment with the S-Etukortti


The cost estimate includes

  • Planning the treatment, 3D images where needed

  • Orthodontic treatment

  • Materials, images and gypsum models

  • Laboratory fees related to Vivera or alternative retainer

  • Finalising light filing

  • First retention control visit after the treatment

Not included

  • First appointment and roentgen

  • Clinic fees

  • Dental hygienist or other dentist visits

  • Retention control after the first control visit 

  • Replacing a broken aligner or reattaching a retainer wire

  • New aligners which are needed for work caused by underusing the aligners or retainers

Why is it more expensive to visit an orthodontist than it is to visit a dentist?

The price is based on how challenging the treatment is and thus how long it takes to finish. It’s quicker to straighten teeth for aesthetic reasons than to enhance the bite. Please see below the Index of Treatment Need for further information.

Why should I choose an orthodontist?

An orthodontist has gone through three years of studies in adjusting the bite. It’s very important to have a good bite, as a less ideal bite can lead to head and neck aches. Having the experience of orthodontic treatments allows to estimate realistic goals and to plan for a faster, more efficient treatment. 

Kela only reimburses orthodontic treatment in very complex cases where orthognathic surgery is required.


Orthodontic treatment may be covered by your employer. More information about oppupational health services.

The first 4000€ fee is due when the 3D pictures are taken. The next installment (approximately 1300€) is due after nine months, and the last invoice is paid at the end of the treatment.  

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