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After the orthodontic treatment has been finalised, it’s important to make sure the results are long-lasting. Especially in the beginning when the bones and tissues in bones are still adjusting to their new places it’s vital to support the teeth in their new positions. This can be done with retention trays.

It’s recommended to use the retention trays continuously during the first months after the treatment. After that they’re only used while sleeping.  


Because teeth and jaws transform throughout your life, many need to wear retention trays for as long as they want to keep the results of the treatment. If they’re not worn as instructed, it’s possible that the teeth start to move back to their original positions. Now you’re in control of your own smile - it’s up to you how permanent the results are!

If you find the retention trays start to get tight, it’s a sign of the teeth starting to move. This is your clue to start wearing the trays more frequently. You can start by wearing them continuously for a few days, and then only while sleeping. 

It’s possible the retainers don’t fit around the teeth after a long gap in wearing them. In this case you can order a ‘reprint’ of the last couple of pairs of Invisalign to re-do the last stages of the treatment. 

When you visit your dentist

If you visit a dentist for a tooth replacement, bring your retainers with you. Ask your dentist to make sure the retainers fit after the treatment. If major changes are made to your teeth and the retainer doesn't fit afterwards, your dentist may take a so-called an alginate imprint or a 3D image of the jaw and a technician can make a new retainer.

Checklist for caring for transparencies

Take good care of your retainers, as we need to charge an extra fee for replacing a lost or broken retainer. Stored carefully, they can last years.

  • Don’t wear the retainers while eating or drinking anything hot

  • Store the retainers in their own container

  • Keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy buy brushing twice a day, and by flossing

  • You can clean the retainers with a toothbrush or cleansing tablets

  • Never use hot water to clean or rinse the retainers

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