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It’s possible to give orthodontic treatments to children as young as six. In these cases the need usually comes from misaligned jaws. Most often orthodontic treatment is given at 9-12 years, when it’s easiest to affect the jaw growth. It’s often faster and more effective to treat young people who are still growing, so it makes sense to start early. For growing children, the treatment takes usually few years so it’s aligned with growing jaw bones and getting new teeth. 


The most common reason for needing orthodontic treatment is genetics. Other common reasons are sucking the thumb until late childhood, large tonsils, or loss of tooth. 

Orthodontic treatment is given with aligners that can be taken out, or with fixed braces

Invisalign - discreet removable aligners

Fixed braces - traditional option


The detachable device is made of transparent plastic and can be taken out of the mouth for meals or for cleaning. The development of detachable devices has made it possible to perform even more complex treatments with them


More often, fixed orthoses (so-called traditional orthodontics) are used in orthodontic treatment, in which the teeth are moved by means of an elastic arc wire and rubber loops or springs attached to it.

A commonly used orthodontic appliance is also  neck traction , in which the growth of the jaws is influenced by a rubber traction circulating behind the neck and rings attached to the teeth. Neck traction corrects overbite by moving the teeth of the upper jaw backwards. In Finland, the lower jaw is often small and at the back, which may be better to support the growth of the lower jaw. This may also give the pharynx more breathing space and may reduce later snoring and sleep apnea. 

Orthodontic treatment is usually followed by retention to stop the teeth moving back to their old places. This can be done with removable retention aligner or with a wire which is attached behind the teeth. 


Complex cases may need additional jaw surgery. 

Invisalign for children and teens.

The clear Invisalign aligners can improve your child’s smile as they grow with less pain and more accuracy than the traditional techniques. Young boned adjust quicker allowing teeth to move, which can make simple orthodontic treatment as quick as only six months. Your child can plan their future without interruptions in their life.

Easy to keep clean

  • The aligners are removable for easy hygiene, making it easier for growing children to brush and floss.

Puts your child first

  • Designed for predictable results and a positive experience

  • You'll get a custom treatment plan that's right for your child so they can be themselves

Made for young people

Because we know kids are always on the go, we can add some special features in the treatment

  • The optional blue indicator dot on the aligner can help your child stay on track by monitoring the time the aligners are used

  • Only invisalign clear aligners are made from SmartTrack material, so they are more comfortable and easier to put on and take off .

  • Predictable results backed by 8 million smiles.

* Available on Invisalign Teen® only.

Personal care plan with 3D technology

Low key - tiny and barely noticeable

We have simple solutions, even if your child’s teeth have complex issues

Lasting results because they’ll want to keep smiling

The orthodontics can show you an estimate of the outcome of the treatment during the orthodontic planning visit using 3D images taken with iTero Element.

You will receive an individual treatment plan tailored to your young person's needs, the results of which you will know at the beginning of the treatment.

iTero imaging is faster, more accurate, and more convenient than using traditional copies. You can also track the progress of your treatment with each treatment visit by comparing new and old images with each other and also with the Virtual Care lip holder and program. With the help of the Virtual Care remote assessment, you can possibly extend the reception interval by one month.

The latest 3D technology

The 3D interface allows you to create a personalized treatment plan for your young person. The algorithm helps to calculate the force required to move each tooth. The straightening and algorithm together ensure that each tooth moves in the right direction, at the right time, enabling fast and efficient treatment.


SmartForce grip surfaces  can speed up treatment by giving just the right amount of strength when needed.

The gripping surfaces are small, tooth-colored fasteners that are glued to the tooth surface during treatment. They act like small handles that support the grooving membranes. After treatment, they are completely removed.

  • Unobtrusive

  • Allow more complex treatments to be performed without fixed braces

  • Powerful but gentle


With Invisalign membranes, it is possible to correct the bite, as the Mandibular Advancement (MA) technique, which promotes the growth of the lower jaw, enables even complex treatment with wings.

Chin-moving technique (MA) is a great way to fix an overbite inconspicuously in about nine months while straightening your teeth. 

In the MA technique, the wings gradually guide the lower jaw to a more suitable position with a small force. This can quickly fix the bite and appearance of the chin.

The technology is an integral part of Invis orthodontics, so it is as inconspicuous as any other treatment and requires no more from its user.

  • Preventive care is suitable for early adolescents and adolescents

  • Powerful - the right amount of force to push the lower jaw forward

  • Reliable - the child gets results worth a smile

  • Moving the lower jaw slightly forward may reduce adult snoring or sleep apnea (intermittent breathing during sleep)

The young person's smile stays radiant with the help of the Vivera retention film made individually for him. This way you can be sure that the treatment will not be wasted at the end of the treatment. 

Vivera films are unobtrusive and transparent, as are Invisalign films. They make it easy to catch a smile that has been troubled. The use of Vivera is gradually reduced after treatment.

  • The films are kept only at night at a diminishing rate

  • Durable - up to twice as durable and 30% stronger than other retention films

  • The price of the adjustment includes two spare retention films and new ones can also be ordered in a couple of weeks.

Your child gets customised treatment based on years of research and intelligence from millions of patients.

  • No guesswork - Straightens your child's teeth more predictably

  • Convenient - Clear aligners that are discreet and don’t interrupt your child's life

  • The right fit for you - Fits snugly around your child's teeth

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