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How does Damon work?

Traditional straightening techniques use fasteners, metal straightening wires, and rubber bands. The metal wires are attached to the brackets fixed to the surface of the teeth with rubber bands or smaller steel wires.  

While the Damon technique may look like a traditional straightening technique, it is actually a much more advanced system: The brackets have small “sliding doors” that hold the straightening wire in place. However, their grip is gentler and gives the wire some room to move while guiding your teeth in the right direction. 

Home care instructions

  • Be sure to come for inspection visits

  • Keep your braces and teeth clean

  • Avoid foods that could damage the orthodontic appliance

Orthodontic and dental cleaning

  • During orthodontics, it is especially important to take care of the condition of your teeth and gums.  

  • The most important thing is to brush your teeth carefully and use dental floss or an interdental brush regularly.  

In addition to perforation, careful cleaning can prevent discoloration of the teeth and gingivitis.  

Contrary to popular belief, orthodontic devices themselves do not cause tooth discoloration. Discoloration can occur if plaque is not removed carefully by brushing around the fasteners. 

  • When using the equipment, it is especially important to brush your teeth a few teeth at a time, with a particular focus on brushing your teeth around the braces as well as the gum line.  

  • The brush should be used from different angles to ensure that your teeth are properly cleaned on all sides, including under the orthodontic cord.

  • It is a good idea to brush first from the top, then from the bottom, and finally directly over the straightening wire.

  • Finally, you can still go through the gum line separately, which should be cleaned thoroughly but without pressing too hard with the bristles.  

  • Brushing may take a little longer. Use fluoride toothpaste.


When using fixed orthodontics, your teeth should be washed after every meal. If this is not possible, the mouth can be rinsed with water or mouthwash. 

As the tooth gaps cannot be cleaned with the brush, they should be cleaned with a dental floss or interdental brush. The dental floss can be threaded under the orthodontic floss, extending it into the gaps between the teeth. 

Foods to avoid during treatment with Damon

When using fixed orthodontics, sticky foods such as toffee, chewing gum, etc. should also be avoided.

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