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I am a positive and easy-going dentist from Helsinki who is specialised in orthodontics. I have gained experience by working at many health centers and private clinics as well as NHS, UK working 10 years in a leading orthodontic clinic near London. I did my 3-year orthodontic degree in Oslo, Norway with prof. Björn Zachrisson as one of my professors.

My goal is to create beautiful smiles, with functionality being the most important thing. I use modern and effective orthodontic methods, such as aligners (Invisalign) and modern fixed orthodontic appliances (Damon).

In order to provide the best possible care to my patients, I keep my skills and expertise up-to-date by regularly attending further training and working together with other oral health professionals. I was a committee member in BLOS (British Lingual Orthodontic Society) and I have been a speaker for lingual, Damon and Invisalign techniques. I was an Invisalign speaker for 5 years and represented Scandinavia in Invisalign EU Advisory Board. The age range of current Invisalign patients is now 8 -84 years old. With invisalign you can also support lower jaw growth in teens and this will reduce overbite, and can also increase airway, which can later reduce snoring and sleep apnea. Invisalign makes life easier as you can take them out while brushing your teeth and eating. I have stopped using lingual braces as I feel Invisalgn has evolved to a more efficient technique.

I welcome patients of all ages.

Book an appointment and we can figure out the best way to give you the smile of your life! For an orthodontic evaluation with a specialist and extended treatment plan you need an 30min. appointment. A specialist evaluation and written plan is always with an examination fee.


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